See Ashley Sherlock Band & Katie Henry live at the “Konzertsommer” in Witzenhausen

Ashley Sherlock Band & Katie Henry live at the “Konzertsommer” in Witzenhausen!

It will be rocking and bluesy on the banks of the Werra in 2024!

This year, a new event will see the light of day in the cherry town!
In recent years, more and more people have been drawn outside into the fresh air. Outdoor events are booming and open-air meeting places are flourishing. In Witzenhausen, a new meeting place for all ages and groups of people has been established on the banks of the Werra thanks to the renovation of the market square. Not least because of the great gastronomy offered by the café “Chez Nadine” for several years now, which has met with an overwhelming response. This is precisely why there will now be a concert weekend on the banks of the Werra for the first time on two (hopefully) warm days in June!

Friday evening will be a bluesy and rocking double bill! The artists Katie Henry and Ashley Sherlock, who are under contract with the Lindewerra-based blues label Ruf Records, will heat up the crowd with blues rock one after the other on this evening.

The grand finale on Saturday evening will be the well-known German-language rock band Jupiter Jones, who will be supporting Das blühende Leben.

We are looking forward to two wonderful days full of beautiful music, a great atmosphere and lots of fun together!

Admission and Timetable:

Friday: 8 p.m – 10:30 p.m Ashley Sherlock Band & Katie Henry

(Blues & Bluesrock) – 27€

Saturday: 8 p.m support band “Das Blühende Leben” 

9 p.m Jupiter Jones (German Pop-Rock) – 40€

Ticket for both nights: 65€

Entrance starts on both days 1 hour before the show begins.

Seating will be available and food & drinks will be offered by Schinkels Brauhaus.