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Every great artist has a moment when they realize who they are, Jeremiah Johnson has truly come into his own with his new release HI-FI DRIVE BY.  Get ready for a high-fidelity sonic explosion that combines Johnson’s master guitar work, songwriting skills and uniquely powerful vocals into ten tracks of pure brilliance.  From the first track, featuring Victor Wainwright, to the third track featuring Brandon Santini, and all the way to the last note of the epic final track; HI-FI DRIVE BY delivers more hooks than fishermen’s tackle box. Every song is carefully crafted with multiple layers of tasty musicianship; with new audio delights to discover every time you give this first-class release a spin.




HI-FI DRIVE BY, taps into the talents of Johnson’s mentors and the extremely talented musicians in his hometown of St. Louis MO USA.  Johnson wanted to go back to the blues and rock n roll basics, reaching out to a St. Louis Legend, Tom Maloney (Co-Producer), for inspiration. In addition, Johnson tapped into the wide range of musical talents of Paul Niehaus IV (Producer). With Paul’s throw back production style and years of experience working with a wide variety of performing artists, it proved to be a perfect combination. Johnson, Tom, and Paul began assembling some of the best horn players, backing vocalists and percussionist in St. Louis, to create the wonderful thick layers of musicianship tastefully captured on HI-FI DRIVE BY.  This is the first release Johnson has worked with co-writers (Maloney and Niehaus IV); and the results are nothing short of spectacular.  HI-FI DRIVE BY is the “Coming of Age” release of Johnson’s career.

HI-FI DRIVE BY is a phenomenal music experience, Johnson’s masterpiece and firmly establishes him at the top of his game.  Forget what you might have thought you knew of Jeremiah Johnson and his music; he has clearly arrived and exceeded all expectations with HI-FI DRIVE BY

HI-FI DRIVE BY is a career defining release, world-class from start to finish, and sure to be among the elite releases of the year.