Mitch Ryder









Photo by  Georg Pieron,  



An impressive discography comprising 32 albums: That is the balance sheet from over 50 years of musical career. The rock musician and singer Mitch Ryder has long since become a legend. With his band “Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels”, he had his first hit in 1965 with “Jenny Take A Ride!”. Two years later, he tried it solo, but the hoped-for success failed to materialize. Disappointed, Ryder turned his back on music. In the 70s, he became famous through his legendary appearance on the WDR Rockpalast night. Since 1994, he has been on the road with the German group Engerling (G,A,CH,E,F,B,NL,S), who have been dedicated to rock & blues for 49 years. True and beautiful, with that certain dirt and whiskey in his voice, that’s real rhythm & blues and that’s exactly what Mitch Ryder does. The passionate singer and the Berlin band are a perfect musical match. According to Keith Richards, the original rocker from Detroit is one of the most exciting singers to have emerged on the music scene. Inspired by James Brown and Motown, Mitch Ryder still does what he does best: Singing blues from the bottom of his heart.