New Album: RUF1309 – Canned Heat – Finyl Vinyl

Canned Heat's first new studio album in 15 years!

Nearly 60 years after the band was founded, Ruf Records releases a new studio album on CD & LP!

Recorded in Burbank, California, long-serving drummer Fito de la Parra was joined in the studio by the members of the band’s current line-up, i.e. guitarist, keyboard player and singer Jimmy Vivino, harper and singer Dale Spalding and Richard “Rick” Reed who succeeded long-time bass player Larry “The Mole” Taylor after his death in 2019. Another musician that can be heard on the album is blues rocker Joe Bonamassa who makes a guest appearance as lead guitarist on “So Sad (The World’s In A Tangle)”; Canned Heat first recorded this song for their 1970 album “Future Blues” with founding members Alan Wilson and Bob Hite still around and a live version can be found on their 2015 CD/DVD set from Ruf’s “Songs From The Road” series. Moreover the early days of the band’s history are reflected in the song “Blind Owl”, a homage to Alan Wilson which refers to his nickname owing to an extreme nearsightedness. The song was written by Californian singer-songwriter Dave Alvin who is featured as a guest guitarist and singer here. Among the other tracks there are three compositions each by Jimmy Vivino (“One Last Boogie”, “Goin’ To Heaven [In A Pontiac]” and “When You’re 69”) and Dale Spalding (“Tease Me”, “You’re The One” and “Independence Day”). Another track, “East West Boogie”, presents an unusual musical mix with the oriental sounds of the “Theme from Tehran”, a US TV show, combined with a typical Canned Heat boogie groove.

So, is this the grand finale of a long lasting recording career with which Canned Heat say their goodbye to showbiz? First of all the album title seems to point in that direction, since “Finyl Vinyl” can of course be read as “final vinyl”. Then there is the opener, Vivino’s “One Last Boogie”, pointing in the same direction. And last, but not least another of his songs, the slowblues “When You’re 69”, deals with an age that makes you rather think of retirement than further activities. On the other hand the tour plan on the band’s homepage is already filled with first dates for 2024, not just in the US but also in Europe later this year.