New Album Release Friday February 21th 2020: Whitney Shay – Stand Up!

“A heaping helping of funk ‘n’ soul for this powerful singer.  Stand Up! Is rocket fueled R&B with a touch of country sass, and this San Diego based singer has a great voice.

Shay has built her career to this point- a record deal with the legendary German blues label- the old fashioned way, by playing a thousand word of mouth gigs and winning over audiences one at a time.  There’s something to be said for coming up the hard way; it makes her a better singer and gives her music character that it wouldn’t have otherwise.  “When I perform” says Shay, “I want people to dance and be engaged.  To me, music has always been about catharsis, the purging of sad experiences.  If the audience leaves smiling and feeling like they’ve forgotten about their troubles, I’ve done my job.”

(Quelle: – Canadian BluesBlog)

“Whitney Shay has just released a remarkable new album, and it will provide the fuel for a ride that I know you’re going to enjoy.
We’ll play tunes from the album, play some songs that they inspire, and then we’ll Shay That Again.” (Quelle: – US Radio)